Preppers: Gaining Experience Through Others


Preppers: Gaining Experience Through Others

A question to the reader, what are some pepping related topics you would like to do, but have not done?  Let’s use the examples of gardening, or maybe even something as simple as fishing.

Several years ago (around 2010), I took a couple of young men fishing. They were in their mid to late twenties, and one of them had never been fishing. The young man who had never been fishing did not have a positive male role model in his life. As a result, he had missed out on a lot of life experiences.  One of those life experiences was the simple act of catching fish.

Even though there are several bodies of water near the young man, he did not have the slightest idea how to utilize those resources. If a SHTF / doomsday event were to happen, the young man would not have known how to catch fish for his family.

Maybe we should take time away from stuff we enjoy doing, and put that time towards learning new skills. For experiences like those to happen, we need people who are willing to teach, and people who are willing to learn.

Sometimes people get into a comfort groove where we feel comfortable with our skills and experiences, and anything outside of those may make the person feel uncomfortable. Outside our comfort zone is where the new experiences are at.

Then again, a lot of preppers do not want others to know their prepping plans. Do we take someone who we may consider an associate, and teach them various skills, such as reloading. It may be difficult to teach someone how to reload, while at the same time not allowing that person to see the ammunition stockpile.

However, where is the operations security (OPSEC) in showing someone how to plant and harvest potatoes, corn, okra, and peppers. Does it compromise OPSEC to take someone fishing? So maybe there are skills we can teach others without compromising OPSEC?

Let’s say someone has never eaten a freeze dried meal. It would help that person expand their knowledge to show them a freeze dried meal and how to prepare it. Pouring hot water into a pouch may not seem like a big deal. However, for someone sitting on the fence about buying freeze dried products, that experience may be enough to help them decide.

So reader, besides to family members, have you taken time to share knowledge? On the flip side of the coin, have you asked people to teach you various skills?



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