“Claymore Mine” Perimeter Alarm Uses Toy Caps


“Claymore Mine” Perimeter Alarm Uses Toy Caps

In the past, we’ve looked at FITH Ops perimeter alarms which use blank shotgun shells to make a heck of a loud noise when tripped. You cock and load them, then set them up to be triggered by a trip wire of some sort. Pretty cool, but way loud and expensive to use… and you can’t really play with them indoors. That’s where this cool “toy” alarm comes in.

There’s a housing that’s molded to look sorta like a Claymore mine, and the fun part goes into that. It’s a steel “booby trap” assembly which fires those little red plastic caps for toy guns. Load on a cap, cock the hammer and hold it back using the steel arm, and slide it into the “claymore mine.” Then when it’s pulled out by a piece of fishing line or whatever, the cap goes bang and lets you know whether your sister has intruded into your tree house, the kids are into your toolbox. Well, you get the picture.

Taofledermaus shows how they work and demonstrates several ways they can get you in trouble.

This nifty little gadget is made in the USA, and comes with a pack of 96 caps for $5.99 (plus a whopping $10 for shipping).

I would have gotten in plenty of trouble with this thing when I was a kid.

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