Surefire Fury Intellibeam Dual Fuel shipping


Surefire Fury Intellibeam Dual Fuel shipping

Surefire has begin shipping the long waited, updated version of the Fury Intellibeam, now with 1500 lumens (600 lumens previously) and features dual fuel technology (accepts 18650 rechargeable and 2 CR123 batteries). It includes a short Micro-USB cable and a 18650 rechargeable battery. The battery can be charged from the included USB cable (the battery has 2 LED indicator, red is charging and green is completely charged) or any 18650 charger for faster charging.

With Intellibeam technology, it operates anywhere from 15 lumens low to 1500 maximum lumens depending on the distance. It has a light sensor up front to detect washout when you shine against a white wall or anything up close.

It is a bit on the large side at 5.6″ long, otherwise this would be perfect for both EDC as well as self defense situations. Double pressing the tail cap button within 2 seconds will set it to 1500 lumens. Single press or click will activate the intellibeam feature.

Surefire has yet to update their website and social media but it should be any minute now.

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