The Preppers Choice for a Heavy Rifle


The Preppers Choice for a Heavy Rifle

There are situations where the most popular AR or AK rifle simply does not deliver enough power. For a step up in delivered bullet energy over a longer range or for more smack at a shorter range, then a heavy rifle is needed. While there are sufficient choices of heavy rifles available today, there are options beyond the AR-10 platform.

When additional cartridge power is needed many preppers and survivalists most often turn to the .308 Winchester. For prepping the .308 is a universal and wise choice for many reasons. First, rifles are readily available in this caliber, plus there is an endless supply of ammunition in a wide variety of choices.

Second, the .308 is well proven for accuracy, reliability, and power plus it all comes in a short action cartridge which offers many advantages. There may be some other cartridge choices to consider in this category, but none of them offer really serious comparisons to the .308. So, for the majority looking for a heavier rifle delivering heavy bullets of 150-180 grains, then the .s308 is it. That is settled then.

So, which rifle? The M-14 came on the scene as the military’s heavy battle rifle to replace the M-1 Garand. The M-14 brought two new advantages with being detachable magazine fed, and chambered in the shorter .308 with equivalent ballistics of the M-1’s 30-06. The M-14 saw battle action early on in the Vietnam War until the lighter M-16 virtually phased it out as the universal combat rifle. Still the M-14 continued to serve and as a sniper version still does.

The Springfield Armory rifle company in Geneseo, Illinois developed their semi-auto version of the M-14 by bringing out their comprehensive line of rifles known as the M1A models. Today, Springfield Armory makes several models of the M1A including the standard profile rifle along with several shorter versions. One of these is a top choice for preppers.

This is their M1A Scout Squad rifle. It is chambered for the 7.62x51mm (.308). Its overall length is 40.33 inches long with an 18-inch carbon steel barrel. This rifle weighs 8.8 pounds. The front sight is National Match with a military aperture MOA rear sight. The composite stock comes in flat dark earth color. Other options can be ordered including a black or walnut stock. The MIA comes with one ten round Parkerized steel magazine.

I have used an M1A with complete confidence and the Scout Squad is easier to manipulate in tight quarters. The .308 reputation stands on its own. Check out this heavy battle rifle at

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