How to Skin a Rabbit in 6 Seconds — Without a Knife


How to Skin a Rabbit in 6 Seconds — Without a Knife

Last month, we took a look at a video showing how to harvest and process a domestic rabbit that had been raised for meat. In this video, a hunter shows a super-fast way to skin a rabbit he took while hunting.

His method is pretty much the way my father taught me to skin a squirrel, although squirrels are tougher so you need to make a cut in the hide opposite the spine in about the middle of its back. Then you grab the hide and pull, and basically “take off its shirt and pants.”

Rabbit hide is much more fragile, so it tears more easily. This is why he’s able to skin it without ever using a knife.

Once you “undress” the critter, remove the head and feet and then you can get on to gutting it.

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