Wells Clayton Whitworth Memorial Pheasant Hunt


Wells Clayton Whitworth Memorial Pheasant Hunt

Hunting is a tradition that is passed down from generation to generation; however there are different traditions every family has developed over the years. Traditions like, Chad and Kelly Whitworth, having a new gun ready for a child before they are born. Although everything was going great Wells Clayton Whitworth went on to heaven before his time of birth. There isn’t a word that can provide comfort during a time like this other than the words from the Bible, which is good and true.

Despite their pain, the Whitworth’s decided to do something to help other families who experience situations just like theirs, which is admirable. Thus hosting the Annual Wells Clayton Whitworth pheasant hunt in Madison Alabama, of which all of the proceeds went to a fund at the Huntsville Hopsital to provide proper care as well as funerals for many families facing this type of situation.

Before the hunt everyone was gathered around sharing stories of old times as well as making new friends. The weather wasn’t perfect but held off long enough to have a successful day afield. After spending some time talking with everyone, it was clear that the Whitworths hearts are in the right place and have a genuine purpose for helping others. As pheasants began to fly the sounds of shotguns rang out and feathers flew all day long.

Photo by: Kelly Whitworth 

Although we harvested a bounty of pheasant no one was there for that sole reason. This hunt was one of the largest displays of community support I’ve ever seen. Hunting is always something I take very seriously; however this was an enjoyable experience to honor the life of a young boy taken before birth and to do something for others despite tragedy.

Words can’t express my gratitude or my appreciation for the Whitworth family but I know that God is using them for His glory. Remember to celebrate life in every second for we are not promised tomorrow, furthermore never take for granted the blessings that surround you every single day.

If you would like to donate to this fund follow the link below.


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