How to Weaponize Flat Steel Bars


How to Weaponize Flat Steel Bars

The Slingshot Channel’s JoergSprave is always looking for ways to make weapons, and he’s used a lot of flat bar stock of mild steel to do so. In this video he shows numerous things he’s made out of it without any worries about heat treatment or anything fancy. You can just make it and get to work hacking zombies.

See how we use flat steel bars for a sword, for the meanest fidget spinners on the planet, for a makeshift throwing knife and even for “Runes”, a home made throwing ax that ALWAYS sticks.

There’s a brief intro and a heck of a chopper that he calls an “orc sword,” then starts talking about weaponized fidget spinners.

The fidget spinner thing is sorta interesting, but not all that useful from a “defend my bugout camp” perspective. So he includes a caption suggesting folks skip to the 5:40 mark if they’re “sick and tired of fidget spinners.”

When you do, you find him making a simple throwing “knife.” It works, but it doesn’t always stick for inexperienced users, and that’s not good if you suddenly find yourself needing to defend yourself from a slew of baddies. So he moves on to a “Flying Death” throwing weapon and his own homemade version, which he calls “Runes.”

Apparently, one can throw “flying death” silently, but Runes must be hurled with a war cry!

I like it.

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