Training for Consistent Repeatability


Training for Consistent Repeatability

John J. Woods
Magnolia Outdoor Communications


The dictionary describes the word “practice” as “To perform habitually or customarily; make a habit of; to exercise or perform repeatedly in order to acquire or polish a skill; to work at; to carry out in action.” That defined, this article could probably end right here.

Except as humans we rarely do what we are supposed to do in order to maintain our skills or otherwise behave in ways that would contribute to our overall well-being. That is human nature. Otherwise we would all be on a diet of some kind, exercise daily, quit our vices, stop drinking including soft drinks, drop that occasional cigar, and shoot our guns more regularly.

Some professionals such as military and law enforcement are required to shoot regularly. I know police that have to qualify once a month, some every other month, but few of them like it. I know one highway patrol officer that gives most of his allotted ammo to his next door neighbor rather than shoot it himself at the range as required. That’s comforting.

Every gun owner should know their own guns inside and out. They should practice with them regularly, like it or not. Same with tennis, golf, or whatever. We preach to preppers and survivalists all the time to hone their shooting skills in order to be at a decent level of proficiency should a SHTF occur, demanding heightened self-defensive response to threats.
This requires shooting practice.

I can hear the defeatist commentary now. “I don’t have the time to run to the range every month. Shooting practice is expensive, ammo is so costly now. If I shoot my pistol, then I’ll have to clean it. Heck, I may never have to use my gun in self-defense anyway. I love my AR-15, but it is a royal pain to take down for a thorough cleaning,” says the distractors.

Gun ownership demands shooting practice. Today, there are many choices for ranges indoor and outdoor, some public that are reasonably priced and easy to access. You can shop endless venues these days for better ammunition prices, some with free shipping. Targets can be made from many sources. I use the cardboard inserts in frozen pizzas and just mark off an “X” on them. Gun cleaning should be a hobby instead of a task.

Take pride in your practice as your skills increase. Don’t forget to shoot weak side and from various positions, around barriers, and practical situations. Then should a real SHTF occur, you’ll be ready and confident.

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