Remington’s New 700 CP Pistol


Remington’s New 700 CP Pistol

Sometimes it is difficult to stay ahead of the curve of new firearms introductions. The lifeblood of gun makers is to constantly bring new products to the market. This is what keeps shooter interest high and generates new excitement in the firearms marketplace.

This new one from Remington may cause some raised eyebrows, curious looks, and lots of questions. If you take a hard look though, you’re going to break out into a broad smile. Their new Rem 700 CP or Chassis Pistol is a bolt-action based pistol designed to be ready for field action for a wide spectrum of shooting, hunting, and recreational pursuits.

The 700 CP action is the famous 700 chassis rifle platform, so shooters will be highly familiar with this set up. Out of the chute the 700 CP will be chambered for three popular rounds including the .223, the .300 Blackout, and the .308 Winchester. The action is magazine fed and comes with a polymer 10-round magazine.

Specs on the CP include barrel length of 10.5 inches for the .223 and .300 BK and 12.5 inches for the .308. Overall length will be 20.81 inches for the .223 and .300 Blackout and 21.75 for the .308. The muzzle will be threaded for a suppressor complete with a thread protector cap. There was no total weight listed for the 700 CP, but it should be heavy enough to dampen recoil substantially.

Features include a hard coat anodized black Cerekote finish, an MLOK handguard for adding accessories, a top Picatinny rail section for optics mounting, a Magpul MIAD pistol grip, the X Mark Pro adjustable trigger, a rear single point QD sling adaptor, and a large magazine release. The bolt has an enlarged knob for quickly handling and cycling the action. The safety is the usual Remington 700 type at the rear of the bolt on the right side. Retail is set at $1020.

The chassis frame is formed forward of the magazine box to allow for positioning on a target shooting bag, fence post, tree limb, or shooting sticks. This helps to balance the 700 CP for precision shooting at the bench or in the field.

With the overall firearm length of only 20-21+ inches, the 700 CP is going to be a quick handling gun with the single point sling attachment feature. It will be easy to deploy in the field off a Primos Trigger Stick or other shooting support. Farmers, ranchers, and hunters are going to enjoy this new model for dispatching varmints or even a deer. Check it out further at

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