Weather Indicator


Weather Indicator

Preppers, survivalists, hunters, fishermen, and others venturing into the outdoors should always remain vigilant about weather conditions. Weather drives many of the tasks for the day or other opportunities to work, play, or complete other outside jobs. What tools can you have on hand to help you monitor the weather?

Of course, firsthand knowledge is best in terms of what is happening right now or what might appear on the horizon. Few things can beat personal observation of cloud covers, movements, approaching storms, winds, precipitation and other changing conditions. Preppers should always keep an eye out for what is happening in the sky.

Particularly note wind changes, temperature fluctuations, and darkening fronts off in the distance. Even small advance notices of weather changes can be helpful in preparing for oncoming climatic events.

There are four simple devices at my own bug in to help me assess weather to some extent, but of course with no help to forecast it very far in advance. Out in the back yard visible from the kitchen window is a simple flower shaped windmill. These cost a dollar at the local cheapo household variety store. One lasts about six months if a huge wind storm does not sail it into the next county. Simple as it is, looking at this wind driven flower tells me the wind is up with an idea of the velocity.

Also in the back yard is a traditional weather vane with wind directional arrow on it and a spinner which has small wind catching cups welded on the four ends of the spinner. This, too, spins when the wind is blowing, but when it is moving I know the wind is steadier and more brisk. This along with the windmill flower helps me keep track of wind movements.

Also outside is a simple rain gauge. I know the results are after the fact, but knowing how much it rained is just gathering another piece of the weather information. It helps me to track water on the garden and house plants.

Inside I have a battery operated weather station. This device gives me the inside and outside temperature via an electronic monitor as well as an indicator of weather changes impacted by barometric pressure. It also provides the time and date.

It is still a good idea to have on hand two or three battery FM radios and a NOAA weather radio tuned to federal stations. Weather can be critical, so have ways to monitor it at all times.

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