20-Year-Old Uses AK47 Against 5 Armed Crooks, Kills 3 in Home Invasion


20-Year-Old Uses AK47 Against 5 Armed Crooks, Kills 3 in Home Invasion

When five men got together to invade a house in south Houston, TX, the single occupant successfully defended himself, leaving three dead and two injured.

In a news video posted on ABC 13, a newswoman said the good guy used an AK to even the odds.

I asked this homeowner how he took down these five men in what was described as ‘a shootout’ by him; he told me it’s because he had a fully-loaded AK47.

He says two men in ski masks broke through his front door demanding cash. When he realized it wasn’t a joke, he reached for what they thought was cash, but instead pulled his AK47 and started shooting at them, the two men shooting back as they made their way out of the home…

“We have multiple… casings from several different types of guns,” said a police spokesman.

As for how the other three crooks became involved and found themselves on the losing end of the gunfight, it would appear they fired at the homeowner from a waiting vehicle while their two partners in crime attempted to escape. Once engaged, the homeowner let ’em have it.

The homeowner later discovered that he knew the bad guys “in passing” and believed they’d targeted him “for money and jewelry.”

Oh, and the good guy here is only 20 years old. This is yet another example of a young man, whom anti-gunners wish to disarm, using a firearm to defend himself against armed assailants.

Per Ammoland:

According to Sefania Okolie, the police told the homeowner he had done the right thing.

There were no charges filed against the defender. He was not wounded. There were no reports of contraband being discovered at the shooting scene.

Just say NO to gun control.

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