Check Out Avian’s Rundown Turkey Pack


Check Out Avian’s Rundown Turkey Pack

One of the biggest pains in turkey hunting is trying to find an ideal bag to carry all the calls and gear you need for the hunt. With more than 40 years of chasing gobblers, trust me I have tried nearly every description and type of turkey bag. Still, none of them have ever proven quite perfect.

I have never liked a turkey hunting vest or found one that really works. When loaded up, they are too heavy, too confining, uncomfortable and hot in southern spring turkey woods. Same for many of the fanny type turkey bags. Ironically, the bag I found that works best is no longer made. It was a French and Son shoulder bag with a cross shoulder strap with 3 main pockets. They were put out of business when another company knocked off their design and produced it cheaper offshore.

Then, lo and behold, this season, I ran across a new turkey hunting pack that I think is going to be the real cat’s meow. Made by Plano Synergy, Avian is an outdoors gear company based in Plano, Illinois. This pack carries the product name “Rundown.” That is really apropos for a turkey hunting product.

What makes the Rundown so great? First, it is a sling pack as opposed to merely a bag as such. It is very compact, yet offers so many features it actually boggles the mind on how they engineered so many components into a single pack. This pack must have been in the design shop for a while. I’ve never seen anything like it.

There are ten major features to the Avian Rundown. These are an adjustable shoulder strap with very decent padding, a detachable box call pouch that clips to the pack, diaphragm slip pockets (2) for mouth calls, striker peg slip pockets (6), a lined electronics pocket for an iPhone, rangefinder or binoculars, 2 striker conditioning pads (ever seen those?), a zippered license pocket for other items, too, a large zippered main pocket for pot or slate calls, an outside water bottle pocket, and lastly an EVA drop down molded 90 degree shelf pocket.

These features combined makes one heck of a turkey hunting pack. The EVA shelf pocket is really sweet for laying out mouth calls, a slate or other items. With the sling pack design, the whole unit can be carried slung across the chest and positioned back on the hip out of the way. Mossy Oak Obsession camouflage and green EVA shelf hide well. Check out all the Avian products at

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