Video: How to Make a Wing Bone Turkey Call


Video: How to Make a Wing Bone Turkey Call

Now that spring turkey season is winding down, it might be a good time to figure out what to do with some of the turkey parts we’ve gathered during our hunts. Wild turkey gobblers have such beautiful feathers that it’s a shame to just throw them away, but how many turkey wings does a guy need? One idea that I really like and will be trying in the future, is making a turkey call out of the wing bones of a turkey. In other words, using turkey parts to call turkeys. Brilliant!

In the video below, Catman Outdoors takes us through the process, from removing the wing from a wild turkey and skinning it to remove the feathers, separating the meat from the bones and then cooking them to help clean off the meat and sinew.

Along the way he shows what part of the wing to use in order to make a compact wing fan you can carry to the woods in order to imitate a turkey flying down from the roost. That’s cool. I’ve heard of people using wings for that, but a whole turkey wing is really big and awkward to carry around.

He then carries on through two rounds of boiling (once with Borax and Dawn, once without), cleaning the bones, cutting and fitting them, gluing them together, finishing the call, and finally there’s even a lesson in how to use it to call turkeys.

It’s a non-nonsense video that shows the method well, and I’m looking forward to making one or two of these calls.

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