Watch Kentucky Homeowner Shoot it Out With Home Invaders


Watch Kentucky Homeowner Shoot it Out With Home Invaders

There’s not a lot of explanation to go along with this video, released by police and showing a home’s door being kicked in during a home invasion. At least four armed thugs in one group were boldly entering the house when the crook in the lead, clearly familiar with the building, quickly made his way into a hallway. The homeowner was waiting for him, and opened fire.

The bad guy apparently saw the gun just in time and his crew took the cue, all of them scramming in one big hurry. Muzzle flashes are visible through the darkened doorway as the resident fires at him. We then see a cloud of dust arise as one shot presumably hits the wall to the left of the doorway.

The audio is out of sync with the video, and the sounds of the broken door and gunfire are delayed.

Afterward we hear some sounds of someone in distress, and the last thing heard is an angry bellow. This may be from the home’s resident as he realizes he’s been shot in the hand.

There’s a rifle or shotgun leaning in the corner to the left of the front door. I guess our hero is fortunate the bad guys were too busy running to grab it.

From WKYT:

A Kentucky sheriff’s office has released video of a home invasion where the homeowner and one of the intruders exchanged gunfire.

Warren County deputies responded to a home on Louisville Road Wednesday night after receiving a call about shots being fired. When they arrived, they found the homeowner had a gunshot wound to his right hand.

Investigators reviewed home security video showing that someone kicked the door in, and four intruders entered the home. You can see the gunfire being exchanged when the lead intruder enters the doorway where the victim was.

The victim was transported to Jewish Hospital in Louisville to have his injuries treated.

The intruders ran away from the scene. The sheriff’s office is asking for anyone with information on the case to call (270) 842-1633. The suspects will face charges of attempted murder and first-degree burglary.

Strangely, this video was apparently taken by a smart phone held at an angle to a computer monitor.

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