Farm Owners Can Test a Can-Am Defender SXS For Free


Farm Owners Can Test a Can-Am Defender SXS For Free

This is pretty cool. If you own a farm in the Great Lakes region of the USA (Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Ohio) or in the Canadian provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Manitoba, or Quebec, you can have a side-by-side UTV delivered to your farm for a 24-hour real-use test — for free.

It’s from Can-Am, and the vehicle is their Defender, which is available in more than a dozen variations from a bone-stock two-passenger version to the stretched and aggressive “Defender Max X MR.”

From the press release:

  • Can-Am now offering Defender Farm Test program in 5 states and 5 Provinces
  • 24-hour real farm use test of Can-Am Defender side-by-side vehicles
  • Program is free of charge, and includes vehicle drop-off and pickup

Can-Am is expanding its popular Defender Farm Test Program, which allows farmers and landowners to personally experience how a Can-Am Defender can help them on their property.

The program is now available in five states, including Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Ohio. It is also available in Quebec, Manitoba, Ontario, Saskatchewan, and Alberta.

The Defender Farm Test Program is free of charge, and includes a 24-hour test of a Can-Am Defender. To make it as convenient as possible, the vehicle is dropped off and picked up.

People can click the applicable link below to register for the Defender Farm Test Program.

Great Lakes (Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Ohio)

Canada (Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Manitoba, Quebec)

The Can-Am Defender lineup can tow up to 2,500-lb, and has up to 1,000-lb cargo box payload capacity. The Defender also features a tight turning radius, removable storage options, and different drive modes to get over any terrain.

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Almost makes me wish I had a farm way up there in the land of snow.

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