Disc-O-Bed “Bunk Cots” Now Available in Mossy Oak


Disc-O-Bed “Bunk Cots” Now Available in Mossy Oak

For folks who want or need to use a cot, the Disc-O-Bed is an impressive option. It’s a portable bed which by all accounts is heavy-duty and comfortable — and they can be stacked to make bunk beds, allowing you to save space in home, apartment, van, or even a tent. And now it’s available in Mossy Oak Break-Up Country® camouflage.

So what’s with the name, you ask? Will a mirror ball automagically pop out of the top bunk and start a 1970s dancing sensation? Don’t be silly. The name comes from the black discs used to fit the cots together as bunks.

This versatile ready-to-go bunkable cot — with its patented lock-in disc system — makes for an easy, one-person assembly that is tool-free and only takes a few minutes to set up using the step-by-step instructions. Available in two adult sizes, namely a large or XL and more recently a kid’s version (Kid-O-Bunk®), the Cam-O-Bunk also fits a broad range of tents and dome structures commonly used in recreational camping. Prices will vary by product model.

The bunks even convert into a sofa, which will prevent you conking your head while sitting on the bottom bunk to tie your boots or just having a cup of coffee before you leave camp.

The Mossy Oak version is available through Sportsman’s Guide for $299.99 (youth version), $359.99 Large (standard size), or $369.99 for the XL version — which is rated to support up to 500 pounds per bed. Steel frames are powder-coated and there’s an organizer you can velcro to each cot for storing your pocket stuff or bedside necessities.

The company has been around for years, so they’re doing something right. Check ’em out.

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