Subtle Gun Control Measures


Subtle Gun Control Measures

While the Federal government and Congress continue to debate gun control measures after the Florida Parkland School shooting last February, state governments, legislatures, cities and municipalities are quietly moving forward with their own gun control measures. More will surely come as once again governmental authorities at all levels succumb to the pressures of small vocal groups demanding action. This despite no proof or evidence that further gun control measures are likely to curtail such mass shooting events.

Ironic as it may seem by today’s mass media strategies to foster more strident gun control measures, these new subtle gun control enactments are receiving little front page exposure. In fact, one has to ferret out such reports to discover in fact what additional gun control laws are being implemented, however small or inconsequential they may seem. Nevertheless, state and local lawmakers are not waiting for federal action — action which may be overruled by any eventual federal measures, if any.

Even in Florida, indeed at the very high school where the mass shooting event took place had no further safety or screening policies in place three weeks after the incident. However, the State of Florida had passed a new law that raises the minimum gun purchase age to 21, now requires a 3-day waiting period for gun purchases, and also has banned the sale or even the possession of slide fire or bump fire stocks. Lawsuits have already been filed.

New York has issued new rulings requiring all convicted of domestic abuse to turn over all firearms. This includes long guns. This new law amendment has also added a number of “serious misdemeanors”, whatever those are. In some eyes, this move amounts to a form of gun confiscation, which we never thought would happen.

Outdoor writer colleague Bryce Towsley has informed our media sector via Facebook that his home state of Vermont has moved forward with a number of controls despite the governor’s election promise not to do so. Vermont now bans bump stocks, has a size limit on magazines and new provisions for background checks for gun purchases, and has raised the minimum age to purchase guns to 21. Other states including Oregon, Washington, and Rhode Island have also enacted new gun control measures.

One of the most arduous new laws comes from Illinois in the city of Deerfield. Their new “law” or ordinance outright bans “assault” weapons requiring owners to forfeit or secure them by June 13. Heavy fines will be enacted. Again, lawsuits have been filed.

Remember, new gun control laws or ordinances at any level advance incrementally. All gun control measures are to be watched carefully for 2nd Amendment infringements.

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