NY Homeowner Charged With Felony, Home Seized After Killing 2 in Home Invasion


NY Homeowner Charged With Felony, Home Seized After Killing 2 in Home Invasion

Remember Ronald Stolarczyk, the 64-year-old New York homeowner who shot a pair of home invaders and was then arrested because of the gun he used? Well, they’ve gone ahead and charged him with a felony because his firearm, a Rossi 38 revolver which he inherited from his late father, was never registered with the state in Ronald’s name, although it had been legally purchased by and registered to his father.

This in spite of a statement from Oneida County District Attorney Scott McNamara, who stated that it’s unusual to charge such a person with a felony:

McNamara said his office typically prosecutes unregistered guns where the homeowner is present as misdemeanors, and not felonies. The first priority is to get the gun registered, he said. It’s not unusual for a family member to die and the gun gets passed onto a relative who doesn’t register it right away.

As far as the home invasion goes, it turns out this was not the first time Ronald’s home had been burglarized. During the homicide investigation, which so far looks to be justified and will probably not result in additional charges, a lot of Ronald’s stuff that had been stolen previously was discovered at the home of one of the deceased.

McNamara has said it appears Nicholas Talerico had burglarized Walker’s home a couple of weeks earlier, and that he had returned with his aunt.

McNamara said ‘a large amount of property’ believed to have been taken from the initial burglary at Stolarczyk’s home was discovered at Nicholas Talerico’s apartment in Utica during the investigation of the shooting.

Apparently, someone has started a rumor that Ronald was in debt to the pair of thieves, but that’s not true.

Rumors about the homeowner owing the two money or it being a drug deal gone bad are false, McNamara said. [World Tribune]

It’s also reported that the saintly State of New York has stolen Ronald’s home and kicked him out.

Investigators in the case discovered that Stolarczyk’s home had no electricity or running water and [it has] been condemned. It was seized by the state, reports say.

WKTV reports that “Stolarczyk is being provided with temporary shelter and benefits through Social Services.”

What could be worse? Well, maybe the fact that a third criminal — a getaway driver — was reportedly on the scene and has not even been charged with a crime!

A female accomplice drove the pair to the house,he said. She has been fully cooperating with authorities and has not been charged at this time.

The victim, Ronald, has also been cooperating, yet he’s been charged with a felony. What a crock.

Looking for the good news in this case? Someone has set up a gofundme page for Ronald Stolarczyk’s legal defense, and it’s already exceeded its $10,000 goal. As I write this, the total is $12,992 and 425 people have donated to it.

From the gofundme page:

Ronald Stolarczyk defended his home from two intruders intent on burglarizing his home and now he is sitting in jail facing a felony charge because he used his deceased fathers revolver. This is Un-American and Un-Constitutional! People have a right to keep and bear arms and defend their right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness! And government shouldn’t be violating or infringing on those rights. Those rights that men and woman died for!

What is happening to this man is an offense to every American living and dead and every American should be as pissed off as I am now. This is more then what happened in Ronalds home this is about standing up to tyranny, a tyrannical government that does not respect the constitution or the people. This is about sending a message to the DA and the pansies in Albany and Washington that want to take away our rights to posses a firearm, any firearm, without having to jump through hopes and pay them fees on something we already have a right to. Whats next? A permit to exercise our freedom of speech? A tax to peaceably assemble on public property? A course to practice our freedom of the press in order to operate a camera?

All money raised will be used to hire a legal defense team in the hopes of setting a precedent that we the people want our rights back and we will not stand for a government that infringes on our rights.

While my inner editor yearns to correct all the typos in that quote, the patriot in me can’t help but agree with its spirit. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if this case could become a precedent for getting rid of all firearms registration in New York — and eventually, other states? Heck yeah!

In the meantime, I’ll ask you to keep the suddenly-homeless-and-charged-with-a-felony Ronald Stolarczyk in your thoughts and prayers. This man was living peaceably on his own two weeks ago, before crooks forced him to defend himself and government “authorities” stepped in and began to ruin his life — the very life he had so recently defended.

You can donate to his defense fund here.

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