July to Become ‘Gun Pride Month’


July to Become ‘Gun Pride Month’

A recent post by Tom Knighton at Bearing Arms offers an interesting proposal: Create a “Gun Pride” month to help promote the appreciation of guns — and the acceptance of same by folks who are currently being conditioned to fear firearms.

The reason is probably clear to anyone reading this. Gun owners can and should push back against widespread efforts to silence gun owners through social media and online media platforms such as YouTube and Twitter — not to mention our public education system and television “news” — and what better way than with a pro-gun month?

The idea is to push gun owners into silence. They want us unknown and unheard. If people realize that folks they know and respect are gun owners, that gun owners aren’t violent psychopaths who are itching for an excuse to kill someone, they’ll realize that many of the anti-gun arguments don’t hold water. They’ll recognize that many of the claims are nothing more than propaganda pretending to be reasoned thought.

We need to let people know we’re here, we’re armed, and to get used to it.

Tom uses Gay Pride Month as an example:

June is Gay Pride Month. It used to be a single week, but it’s expanded. It’s a time where the LGBT community reaches out and celebrates their existence. It was used initially to remind people that gay folks existed and that they weren’t going to hide in the closet anymore.

Ironically, many of those celebrating are trying to push us into that same closet.

Well, I’m not going.

Forget all the hogwash about losing your guns in a boating accident. When confiscation begins, government forces will either take your guns or your life. Period. Promoting a pro-gun message to as many people as possible will go a long way toward preventing — or at least postponing — that day.

July, says Tom, is the perfect month for it:

Next month is July, the month we celebrate our nation’s independence. How did we get independence? We shot people who thought we shouldn’t have it, that’s how.

The message of Gun Pride Month: Gun owners exist, we are good people who do good things, and our firearms protect the rights (and sometimes the lives) of people who do not own guns.

Gun control activists are lashing out… They want us silent because if people know we exist, they might be interested in our thoughts on gun control. They might seek us out and get facts about guns and how they’re used for self-defense 2.5 million times per year, a number supported by CDC research. They might learn that, contrary to what some claim, many gun owners aren’t racist, xenophobic, sexist, homophobic haters who despise everyone not like them. They’ll learn that gun ownership transcends demographic boundaries. They might learn that everything gun control activists try to claim is wrong.

Tom’s proposed rallying cry:

We’re here.
We’ve got gun gear.
Get used to it.

I like it. Who’s with me?

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