Ford Dealership Offers Bible, Flag, and Shotgun With Each Sale


Ford Dealership Offers Bible, Flag, and Shotgun With Each Sale

A Ford Motor Co. dealership in Chatom, Alabama recently made headlines for offering to provide buyers of their vehicles with a copy of the Holy Bible, a USA flag, and a shotgun for the rest of June and all of July, 2019. Kinda sounds like Gun Pride Month.

The dealership is Chatom Ford, and they seem to have changed their offer a bit. A recent video posted to their Facebook page less than one day ago replaces the shotgun with a gift certificate. Here’s what the ad says:

It’s back on at Chatom Ford. God & glory! All the rest of this month and all of July, we’re gonna give away a Bible, an American flag, and a gift certificate to use wherever you want for whatever you want — it’s your right.

Come see us — every vehicle sold: a Bible, a flag, and a gift certificate.

Nothing wrong with that. Maybe you want a rifle or revolver instead of a scattergun, a nice new tree stand, or a nice reserve stock of ammo. Whatever!

It may have been their plan all along to promise a shotgun and later change it to a gift certificate. Who knows? Either way, I’m betting it is going to help them sell flivvers.

And why not? Free enterprise is the American way.

[See UPDATE below — Ford shut down their gun giveaway!]

Here’s the latest video:

!!! UPDATE !!!

I recently learned that Ford reportedly shut down the original shotgun promotion, and Chatom Ford took down their original Facebook video and replaced it with this statement:

Ford Motor Company has asked us to stop running the advertisement. They manufacture the products we are franchised to sell, so we are complying with their request.

Shame on Ford. But kudos to the dealership for continuing to provide good stuff with every purchase anyhow.

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