Video of Coyote Attack on Little Girl


Video of Coyote Attack on Little Girl

Now this is just weird. Or maybe not, because it seems to prove that humans are idiots.

Yeah, I know.

Anyhow, this one-minute video was taken by a security camera mounted on the side of an apartment building or townhouse reportedly near Toronto, Canada. It begins by showing a coyote strolling along the edge of a building. Someone, apparently a woman, steps around the corner of a neighboring building and watches the wild predator, but apparently becomes quickly bored because after 12 seconds, she steps back around the building. The canine then trots away from the camera through the yard behind a building.

It trots until it’s out of sight, then you see movement out front again, from where the animal originally approached. It’s a young boy running, followed by his little sister.

Returning attention to the back yard, we can see the coyote has turned around and is coming back toward the camera. There’s a small tree that’s been recently planted, and the children are going back there to check on it to see how it’s doing.

The boy is larger and faster than the girl, and he gets to the tree first. The coyote hastens towards the sound of running footsteps, then slows when the boy comes into view. It seems interested, but hesitates because the boy is larger than itself. The boy remains entirely unaware of the nearby threat.

Then the little girl speeds into the canine’s view, and things change. Just as soon as the coyote can see her smaller form, it begins running towards her. The boy finally spots movement when the coyote is quite close, but the girl doesn’t seem to know it’s there until it has closed its jaws on her.

The coyote’s teeth grab the girl by the waist and its momentum pulls her down. It then lets go and runs out of the camera view.

Her brother turns tail and runs away, rather than helping his little sister! Shame on him.

Meanwhile the parents seem to be talking with the woman who placidly watched the coyote earlier. When the coyote attacks, the father runs towards his fallen child with arms spread, going towards the coyote in order to scare it. I guess by his action that the animal must have lingered nearby until he rushed at it. The mother follows, and then both parents take off after the coyote.

The cowardly brother, meanwhile, has abandoned his family to the whims of fate and run away around the front of the building.

The girl was not injured badly, having what her mother called “a very superficial lesion” and will recover fully.

This coyote was known to be in the area and “People in the neighbourhood [had] been talking about the coyote for several weeks.”

The girl’s mother said a camera mounted on the front of their home spotted the coyote about two weeks ago.

Coyotes are versatile animals which can thrive in urban environments. And when they do, someone needs to kill those coyotes. Not just stand there watching them or doing nothing while they roam freely your neighborhood.

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