Remington’s New 1911 R1 Limited Series Pistols


Remington’s New 1911 R1 Limited Series Pistols

As the popularity of classic Colt 1911 clones continues, well-known gunmaker Remington expands its own line of pistols. Their excellent line of R1 1911 pistols has been out for some time and have been proven at the range and in the field. Now Remington has upped the ante by introducing a line of “Limited Series” pistols.

This new Limited Series has been factory-crafted to perform at championship status. The specifications and features reflect this mission. The PVD coating, 5-inch stainless match grade barrel, slide and frame produce a slick operation even in heavy duty shooting use.

The extended thumb safety is ambidextrous for equal ease and function with either hand. The trigger is a skeletonized match grade part. Sights include a fiber optic front sight and a fully adjustable rear LPA target sight. The magazine well is enhanced with a wide mag insertion collar to facilitate easy and quick magazine changes for competition shooting events.

These 1911s utilize a full-length one-piece guide rod. Slide gripping surface serrations are applied both front and rear for a firm grasp to cycle the pistol. At the rear is an extended beavertail grip safety for comfort and function. The PVD finish is applied with the intent of extending the use and wear profile of the pistol. The grips are VZ G10 for a firm grip during shooting exercises.

The Limited Series consists of five models that vary by cartridge and magazine capacity. The two design versions include both single-stack and double-stack models. All guns have standard 5-inch barrels with 1:10 twist. Overall length is the same across all models at 8.5 inches and a height of 5.75 inches. Trigger pulls are factory set between 3.5 and 5 pounds. Weights vary from 38 to 41 ounces depending on caliber and stack features.

Cartridge and configurations includes two models of 9mm pistols, one with 9+1 mag capacity and one with 19+1 capacity. Two are chambered for the 40 S&W, one with 8+1 mag capacity and the other 18+1 capacity. The final Limited Series pistol is a classic 45 ACP version with a mag capacity of 16+1. MSRPs run from $1250 to $1399.

These new Limited Edition series Remington R1 1911 pistols were specifically engineered for competitive shooting, offering the most-requested custom features in a factory gun. These new pistols are ready to go out of the box. Check them out at

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