Shower Gun? Guy Catches Burglar While Bathing


Shower Gun? Guy Catches Burglar While Bathing

German Township, Ohio — When your house has been burglarized four times in two months, you start to take precautions. And while keeping a gun with him in the shower wasn’t among this guy’s preps, he reportedly did have the presence of mind to keep a handgun handy enough that he was able to nab a crook who broke into the house while the homeowner was taking a shower.

Richard Winegardner’s German Twp. property has been burglarized four times just since May — but the latest would end differently than all the others.

Winegardner was taking a shower on Wednesday, when he heard a stranger in his house.He said he immediately grabbed his phone to call 911 and his gun, which was in a gym bag.

He confronted the bad guy and held him at gunpoint while talking to the 911 dispatcher. After trying to convince the homeowner “he was a great guy and he wasn’t here to cause… any problems,” the thief made a break for it, apparently believing the good guy wouldn’t shoot him. He thought wrong, because the homeowner fired five shots at the fleeing vehicle.

He later claimed that he was trying to shoot out a tire. Either he lied or his aim really sucks, because “the SUV was found… shortly after the attempted burglary with the back windshield shot out, as well as bullet holes in the interior and on the bumper.” Oops!

For the record: Never do that, folks.

The 38-year-old suspect was found and arrested. He admitted that he used a crawl space and trap door to enter Winegardner’s home. The vehicle he used had been seen multiple times on Winegardner’s surveillance system.

Shower guns: They’re not just for memes anymore.

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