Florida AG Tries to Block Gun Control Ballot Initiative


Florida AG Tries to Block Gun Control Ballot Initiative

After getting a terrible new batch of gun control laws passed last year, Florida’s anti-gunners are working hard to steal more rights from Floridians, but for once the state’s attorney general is pushing back. Unlike her lame predecessor Pam Bondi, Ashley Moody is showing herself willing to challenge anti-gun measures.

The anti-gunners have been gathering signatures in support of a ballot initiative to amend the State Constitution to ban many popular styles of firearms, using the emotions and ignorance of the average voter as a tool to turn Florida into another California. Moody has reportedly made a move to block it from the 2020 ballot.

Attorney General Ashley Moody asked the state Supreme Court on Friday to block the ballot initiative, which is being pushed by Miami-based Ban Assault Weapons Now, a group that wants to ban most semiautomatic rifles. The group has gathered more than 99,000 certified signatures so far, enough to trigger an automatic legal review of the amendment by the state’s highest court.

Her legal petition argues that the proposed ban is far too extensive. It would prohibit “semiautomatic rifles and shotguns capable of holding more than 10 rounds of ammunition at once, either in fixed or detachable magazine, or any other ammunition feeding device.”  It also argues that the language that would be placed before voters on the actual ballot is intentionally misleading and doesn’t properly inform voters of how extensive the ban will actually be.

Not only would the amendment “ban the possession of virtually every semi-automatic long-gun” just 30 days after its passage, it would give owners of said guns just one year to register them with the government or become instant criminals… and that gun registry would then be available to many government entities which could then use them to target gun owners specifically.

Another way in which the proposed amendment is draconian is that it would “create criminal penalties for violations” AND grant the legislation authority to increase those penalties, it would NOT allow them to DECREASE the severity of those penalties!

If the current wave of allegedly-false-flag killings continues, we will very likely see more federal gun control from Trump and the Republicans which have been trusted by Americans to protect our rights. Ballot initiatives are a particularly effective and nefarious way to create gun control on a smaller state-by-state level, because let’s face it — most voters are sheep.

Things of this nature should NEVER be put before voters, because that is the opposite of what our nation was founded to be. The USA was created to protect liberty and individual freedoms for everyone, especially those in a minority. Democracy, on the other hand, is mob rule in which the majority can and will squash the rights of any minority, which is exactly what ballot initiatives are designed to do.

Here’s hoping we can kill the one currently being pushed in Florida.

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