PeTA Tears: Limited-Run Beer Targets Vegan Sobbers


PeTA Tears: Limited-Run Beer Targets Vegan Sobbers

A seafood restaurant in Baltimore, Maryland is trying to live up to its middle name. Jimmy’s Famous Seafood is shooting for stardom a year after a short-lived billboard war with animal-rights group PeTA.

It all began when PeTA posted a billboard asserting that crabs are “ME, not MEAT,” targeting the crab fishing industry in Maryland.

This was about as welcome as a pig in a mosque, and Jimmy’s replied with its own billboard, inserting the ME into the word “SteaMEd.”

Looking to regain some of the publicity that followed this brief exchange of advertising last year, Jimmy’s recently announced a lager beer called PeTA Tears.

They are even selling limited-edition growlers of the stuff with the company logo followed by the words “Drink PeTA Tears.”

Interested? You can check out the latest on their Facebook page… or just go to their website to buy a $20 t-shirt.

Personally, I have mixed emotions… I love me some beer (and crabs), but I have zero interest in consuming, even symbolically, something which issued from the crying eyes of a crab-hugger.

What do you think?

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