The Bronson Gun: Wildey Magnum Semi-Auto


The Bronson Gun: Wildey Magnum Semi-Auto

Virtually as iconic as Dirty Harry’s Smith & Wesson Model 29 is the classic Wildey Survivor pistol, made famous by Charles Bronson in his movie Death Wish 3. Movie guns have a way of immortalizing themselves into gun history. This one is certainly no exception.

The Wildey was designed and created as the first gas-operated, double/single action pistol primarily for hunting applications. The exact model name of the handgun was the Survivor. It was chambered for the 475 Wildey Magnum, the 45 Winchester Magnum or the 44 Auto Magnum. Original barrel lengths were 8, 10, and 12 inches.

The Wildey is a stainless steel semi-automatic handgun available in three distinctive finishes including brushed stainless, high buff stainless, or matte stainless. The ventilated rib comes in either gray or black. The front sight is a ramp type with colored inserts offered in red, orange, or black. The grips are wood in Pau Ferro either smooth or textured or smooth American walnut.

The unique feature of the Wildey pistol is its ability to change or adjust the gas operation for different loads. This also aids in reducing the pistol’s recoil. The rotary bolt has 3 lugs for extra strength as the fixed barrel adds to enhanced accuracy. The frame and grip has a look similar to the 1911 pistol, but it ends there. The barrel profile is slick and sleek.

As designed the Wildey has the customization features that made it very attractive to handgun hunters. With the caliber choices offered, the Wildey is capable to handle hogs, elk, moose, bear and other game. Changing the gun up in terms of calibers, barrel lengths, and finishes, shooters or hunters can create just the right combination for their own uses. So, one receiver can be changed out to handle all the options available for the Wildey pistol.

The Wildey gun franchise was purchased by USA Firearms in 2015. USA Firearms has its own reputation for quality guns, and they have continued to produce the Wildey with quality workmanship and innovation. The Wildey Survivor will continue to be produced as a top-notch handgun for recreational shooting and big game hunting. I don’t look for many to use the new Wildey as Bronson did in his movie.

Look for the Wildey on dealers’ shelves or get in an order for one now. Check out all the details on the Wildey Survivor at

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