Some are Pushing Retailers to Ban Guns


Some are Pushing Retailers to Ban Guns

Ever notice that some people will do just about anything for attention? Even if it means asking the most asinine of questions in a public way. Like this joker, who posed this question in a Cincinnati Enquirer article: “Should Walmart, Kroger and other retailers ban carrying guns in stores?”

The answer is obvious: Only if they wish to endanger their customers.

It seems that a grieving widow has filed what I believe to be a frivolous lawsuit against Kroger, “claiming it didn’t do enough to prevent [her husband’s] murder.”

The lawsuit against Kroger also brings to light a multitude of largely ignored victims from more than two dozen shootings –- most in the last seven years.

If this lawsuit is not dismissed and it is ruled in favor of the plaintiff, we may find many (if not most) retail businesses banning guns just to protect themselves from such groundless suits. Then we will have citizens who are either defenseless while shopping in public places, or who carry concealed everywhere they go, regardless of whether that business has a “no-gun” policy.

If we are going to be litigious about it, any place that does ban shoppers from carrying guns should be sued for putting its customers in danger by creating an “unarmed victim zone” in which any murderer could operate with relative impunity.

Where you you stand on this?

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