The Smith 648 is Back


The Smith 648 is Back

The 648? So what is that? The Smith & Wesson Model 648 is a double action revolver that has been out of production for some time. You may recall the older Model 48 as a blued, 4, 6, or 8-3/8 inch version, but the 648 is all stainless. It will be widely accepted with open arms for those really wanting a fine rimfire handgun with a lot more oomph than a plain 22 long rifle rimfire.

The 648 is chambered for the 22 WMR or better known as the 22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire. The “new” 648 comes with a 6-inch heavy barrel with a Smith under barrel full length lug. The 648 is constructed of stainless including the barrel, cylinder, and frame. The cylinder holds 8 rounds, which makes this handgun very handy in the field.

Tipping the scales at 46.2 ounces or 2.88 pounds it is no lightweight, but its heft certainly helps steady the piece for all types of shooting. Smith and Wesson specifically lists the 648 as designed for competitive shooting, recreational shooting, and shooting for the general handgun enthusiast. The 648 is built on the Smith K frame which makes it a medium-sized handgun.

I will add this handgun can certainly be used for small game hunting, pest control, and some predator work. The 22 Mag is no slouch when it comes to rimfire rounds and is certainly more able to handle jobs the regular 22 Long Rifle cannot. With its mild recoil and slightly reduced muzzle blast out of a six inch barrel, the 648 would find many uses around the farm, ranch, prepper camp, or for survival applications.

Sights on the Model 648 are designed for precision shooting, with a patridge front sight and a classic Smith and Wesson adjustable rear sight for elevation and windage. This handgun’s double action allows one to shoot with just a pull through of the trigger, or single action shooting by cocking the exposed hammer and then squeezing the trigger.

Control of the 648 is made easier by factory synthetic grips that permit a firm but comfortable handhold. Keeping the 6-inch barrel on the target is made much easier by using these grips along with the excellent sights. The weight and balance of the 648 makes it an ideal handgun for a lot of tasks and certainly for lots of fun recreational shooting. Check it out at

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