Sweeping New Gun Ban Now Has Republican Support


Sweeping New Gun Ban Now Has Republican Support

Regular readers know what I’m about to type next: Stop relying on Republicans to protect your gun rights. This time I’m, talking about an enemy of liberty named Pete King, reported to be the first Republican to support the latest gun ban being pushed hard by House Democrats. Although it’s called an “assault weapons ban,” it would rule out all semi-automatic firearms (including your Glock) and even ban shotguns with revolving cylinders.

King represents Long Island and is quoted as having defined the guns to be banned as “weapons of mass slaughter.” I can only suppose he hasn’t bothered to read it (which you can do by clicking here). He joins a couple hundred Democrats in calling for most firearms to be banned right here in the good ol’ USA.

‘I don’t see any need for them in everyday society,’ King said.

Even though police carry them every day while facing the same threats you and I do? Even though men with fully-automatic firearms carry them every day to protect you? Hmmm.

He’s hoping his support will spur others to jump on board:

King stepping forward could encourage other Republicans to do so and prod Democrats in districts that have partisan makeups similar to King’s district, which leans only slightly Republican.

‘It might give cover to some other Republicans, it might give some incentive to Democrats,’ King said of his move.

King is not alone as a Republican who wants to take your guns.

Some other Republicans who have not signed on but have expressed support for the ban include Florida Rep. Brian Mast… and Ohio Rep. Mike Turner.

The bottom line here, as far as I can tell, is that we can trust no one in government to honor our rights. And frankly, that sucks.

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