Here’s How to Stop Red Flag Laws


Here’s How to Stop Red Flag Laws

FPC, or Firearms Policy Coalition, has put together a great page to help those of us who oppose so-called “Red Flag” laws, which allow an accuser to essentially sic the cops on you to take away all your guns.

Red flag laws stand for the proposition that gun owners can have their rights and property taken from them – by force – on the basis of allegations without the government having even reasonable suspicion, let alone probable cause or constitutionally sufficient adjudication.

Red flag firearm prohibition and confiscation laws are unconstitutional, unsound, and dangerous policies. They should and must be opposed – not rewarded with millions of taxpayer dollars.

These proposed laws do not increase access to mental healthcare or improve public safety. They rely on expanding federal powers through further abuse of the Commerce Clause and are unconstitutional, as well as dangerous.

Here’s what they ask you to do:


1) Write President Trump, Senate Leader McConnell, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Graham, and other key leaders using the FPC Take Action form below.

2) Call Senate Leader McConnell and your state’s U.S. Senators at 202-224-3121 (Senate switchboard) and tell them to OPPOSE “red flag” laws and federal gun control

3) Call President Trump at 202-456-1111 (White House comment line) and tell him to OPPOSE and VETO federal gun control and “red flag” laws

4) Multiply your impact by asking others to help you STOP “red flag” confiscation laws through email, text messaging, social media, and by sharing this important FPC Grassroots Alert

To understand more about these laws and why they are bad, FPC also includes some of their “Policy Positions & Arguments on ‘Red Flag’ Confiscation Order Laws.” Familiarizing yourself with these might be helpful when you’re writing texts or emails, or even sharing/commenting on social media. Check them out by clicking here.

There’s a form at the bottom of the page which allows you to quickly and easily send messages to Graham, McConnell, Trump, and in my case turncoat Marco Rubio.

Please visit & read this FPC page and fill out the form to send your letters.


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