Small Accessories that Make Your Day


Small Accessories that Make Your Day

If they really mean it when they say “Don’t sweat the small stuff,” they surely were not talking about gun and shooting accessories. Gun people, preppers, and survivalists thrive on accessories. There is little wonder there are literally millions of them.

We’ve been lucky enough over the years to field-test many firearm, shooting, and hunting accessories to determine their feasibility and value. Among the dozens of items we have tested afield and at the range, here are just a scant few that we selected to point out again.

If you own a classic Ruger 10-22 rimfire rifle (as every prepper should), you know the reliability of this rifle. Another plus is the myriad of accessories that can be bought for this rifle.

Some have found the standard 25-round “banana clip” magazine for the 10-22 a bit long for some applications. Ruger has brought out a shorter 15-round magazine for the 10-22, which I have found particularly handy for use with the break-down Charger pistol model — especially with a bipod mounted at the front.

Speaking of bipods, if you have an AR-15 with a lower Picatinny rail and want a solid bipod, consider the GG&G AR-Bipod. GG&G supplies many accessories to the military and their bipods are among the most robust in the industry. Their connection is solid with a thumb-screw lockdown to a rail. Each leg pops and locks firmly in place and the legs extend for shooting off vehicle hoods, walls, tables, or other such vantage points.

Magpul is another accessory supplier that cannot be beat. Add their Hand Stop Kit to the rifle to give extra hold and support. Their M-Lok rail sections are easy to mount to add a host of other accessories.

Having a hard time grasping the slide of your pistol? Add a stick-on Slide Spider by ArachniGrip. This custom-cut gritty stick-on gripper fits right over the top of the slide and its fingers fit down into the slide serrations for an extra grab surface. These are a must-have.

And to add further grip to a pistol, slip a Hogue Handall Grip Sleeve over the factory grip. This rubberized sleeve allows a better purchase on the grip, preventing slippage and slide during firing. This is a great accessory to aid in shooting and safe gun handling.

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