Female Realtor’s Concealed Firearm Saved Her Life


Female Realtor’s Concealed Firearm Saved Her Life

My parents taught me many valuable lessons, and one of the most important is that it’s better to have something and not need it than to need it and not have it.

This is especially true of a firearm, which is the reason why so many Americans carry firearms on a routine basis. In this case, a firearm reportedly made the difference between life and death.

Dawna Hetzler, an experienced realtor in Commerce City, Colorado, was hosting an open house in a condo when a man pretending to be an interested buyer entered the home and began to tour it with her.

As she turned on the lights at the home, a man knocked on the front door. He said he was interested in the property.

‘He was asking the right questions about how long it had been on the market. We talked about loans and what he might qualify for,’ Hetzler said.

Hetzler showed him the kitchen and living room area. Then, he asked to see the rooms upstairs.

When they got to the master bedroom, the guy pulled a knife and a length of rope, cornered her, and ordered her into a closet.

‘He wanted me to take off my ring and go in the closet, and at that point, his intentions were deadly, in my opinion,’ Hetzler said.

Fearing for her life, Hetzler drew her handgun that she is licensed to carry.

‘As I drew my firearm, and he saw that I had that, he doused me with bear spray. At that point, I could not see. I could barely see. My skin was burning, my eyes were on fire and so I fired,’ she said.

It worked; the bad guy skedaddled. And she is mighty glad she had that firearm.

My life was in danger and if I did not have my firearm, I would not be here today.

She says she’s not scared, because she has armed herself — and equally importantly, she made a plan about what to do when something went wrong:

‘I have heard about fearing open houses. I don’t live my life in fear. I live my life in faith. Faith trumps fear,’ Hetzler said. ‘For my fellow realtors, we always hear take two to an open house. Two is not enough, you need to know what you’re going to do in any certain circumstance and be able to act on that.’


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