Prepper Golden Rule: Happy Wife, Happy Life


Prepper Golden Rule: Happy Wife, Happy Life

Most of the concentration on prepping seems to focus on an individual. This may be the head of the household or a loner doing things by himself. However, if you consider the average prepper family in America, we are talking a husband, wife, and likely children of varying ages. While we may center our efforts on the “main man” prepping for survival, any really smart guy is going to make equal accommodations for his main lady next, then the kids.

You have heard the saying and likely know it quite well, “If momma is happy, everybody is happy.” When this comes to prepping, this concern is particularly important. It’s not just keeping her happy either, but allowing her total input into the prep process and giving her an equal share of responsibility to back up and execute the plan.

We no longer consider women the weaker sex, but they do have different emotions, physical strengths, and their own way of thinking and organizing things. Every prepper family team needs to take full advantage of these qualities and utilize them to their fullest. Remember, it is really tough to survive on your own, but having multiple people to attend to can be difficult, too.

Women do not really require any special demands, but their needs are different. These should be accommodated in any prepper plan. We all like to be as comfortable as possible. Survival prepping and the act of surviving is not a comfortable routine, but some steps can be incorporated to make things as satisfying as can be.

Whether bugging in or out, make either site as secure and homey as possible. If you build an escape hideout, take these elements into consideration. Create a comfortable environment. Have good sleeping arrangements. Provide for warmth or cooling.

Make the cooking area as simple and easy-to-use as you can. Try to reduce as many trying impediments to daily survival as possible. Stock up well with diverse foods, and make preparing them easy. Put personal hygiene high on the list.

Women want to be secure and safe. Provide security and involve her if she is willing to take on that role. She may have to, so be sure she is ready. Most women are not gun people, but are easy to train. Take on this task early so you can train and practice together.

Our women are special to us. We’ll need their help. Be sure to give them every consideration as possible to keep them comfortable, secure, warm, cool, and well fed.

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