Why Continue to Prep?


Why Continue to Prep?

Has the urge to prep come and gone now? There is some buzz in the prepper media that perhaps we all need to reconsider our efforts, as a number of threats seem to have diminished over the past few years. After all, prepping is not only time-consuming, it can also be very expensive. Costly enough, in fact, to put a significant drain on many peoples’ budgets.

Prepping is definitely a state of mind, but it’s not paranoia. Preppers don’t just sit around wringing their hands waiting for chickens to fall from the sky. For the majority of serious preppers it is a matter of common sense to be prepared for whatever.

Threats gone? Hardly. Natural disasters are simply a matter of life. They happen somewhere virtually every day. It’s either some type of storm that wreaks havoc destroying property and injuring people, or it is some other catastrophic event like the eruption of a volcano in Hawaii, a wildlife in Colorado, a mudslide somewhere, or something else. They are unavoidable.

Social unrest and such events are much harder to predict, but anyone remaining aware of what is going on in this world can surely keep on top of the news about such things. We’re sitting on a virtual powder keg now with immigration issues, the so-called separation of families from young kids, or just the incarceration of illegals coming into America.

Whatever it is about these people not understanding the laws of this country is amazing to most of us. Regardless, anytime the law enforcement agencies try to gather up a group of these illegals and those already here (also mostly illegal) start protesting and rioting, then there is cause for concern. If the fuse is lit, it will burn and may explode.

At some stage there may be a breaking point when an all-out full scale dissent starts. This could produce threats we can’t even predict. It could produce fighting in the streets which in turn could disrupt all sorts of municipal services, a burden on medical services, a strain on law enforcement that could carry over into residential and commercial areas. Such threats are real.

This is certainly no time to give up on prepping if you want to be prepared to survive whatever social onslaught or disaster might develop in this country. These are literally crazy times. People do not want to follow the laws and some government officials and politicians do not want to enforce them. Law enforcement and the military are caught in between. Remain vigilant, aware, prepared, and be careful who you vote for.

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