All-Day Sits For Deer Hunting: Yes or No?


All-Day Sits For Deer Hunting: Yes or No?

Should you hunt all day in one spot in order to get a deer? Well, maybe. Jeff Sturgis takes on that subject in this video.

Rarely does one deer stand have what it takes for an all day sit. There is a huge risk when you head to the woods to sit all day in one location. You need to ask yourself two important deer hunting questions:

  • Is it the right time for an all day sit?

  • Does your favorite stand or blind have what it takes for a high-quality all-day sit?


Jeff says that most of the time, sitting in the woods all day is inefficient and you’ll burn yourself out, and that during most of the deer season, mature bucks won’t move during midday hours. But when should an all-day sit be considered?

The rut! Especially during the peak, and sometimes the post-rut, when bucks may be traveling long distances in search of unbred does.

During the pre-rut, he says, all-day sits can be wasteful because hunters should hunt different areas in the morning vs. evening.

During the rut when it’s time to take all-day sits, what should you look for in a stand? He says you should try to be between a bedding area and a food source AND between two different bedding areas.

And on opening day, it can be a good idea to hunker down somewhere similar and hang out all day.

His summary? It’s not about the amount of time you spend in the woods. It’s the amount of quality time you spend in the woods.

Happy hunting.

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