How to Hunt Bucks After the Rut


How to Hunt Bucks After the Rut

Once the rut is done, how do you go about hunting those elusive mature bucks? This topic interests many hunters who didn’t connect with a nice buck — like myself this year.

Jeff Sturgis talks about this in a video he just published yesterday.

His first tip? Hunt evening food sources in the post-rut, especially if you can find a group of does feeding there. And once the rut truly winds down, deer are all about food. So find out where they are eating and stake it out.

Also, make sure you’re in the woods 28 days after the peak of the rut so you can catch the secondary rut, when unbred does and larger doe fawns will come into estrus, driving bucks crazy and getting them out & about once more.

In his words, “Don’t panic, There are still some incredible opportunities in the whitetail woods.”

Happy hunting!

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