Busting Deer Hunting’s Number One Myth


Busting Deer Hunting’s Number One Myth

Well here’s a subject that’s familiar to me, as we were recently talking about this at the barn before heading out to hunt. The subject being, should a deer hunter worry about urinating in the woods? The consensus answer was “no,” but I admit I do have some qualms about it.

Big buck hunter Jeff Sturgis says forget about it, but then again, he doesn’t hunt a property with permanent stands that are hunted by numerous hunters almost constantly during deer season. Maybe “pee is pee” to wild animals, but even so I feel a mature deer may very well become alarmed at a highly-concentrated bunch of pee smell, as would naturally collect by a stand that’s hunted often.

That said, it’s hard to argue with experience and Jeff has been using his own pee to make mock rut scrapes for 15+ years, and he’s certainly a successful a whitetail hunter.

From the YouTube description:

The #1 deer hunting myth may not be what you are thinking. When deer hunters head to the woods each fall, hundreds of thousands bring a pee jug. Should they?

Using a pee jug isn’t just plain crazy, it’s gross. Urine is urine when it comes to deer, deer hunters and other critters.

He also debunks the notion that you need a dripper of some kind over a mock scrape. A rut scrape doesn’t need urine — deer or otherwise — once it’s become established. Most deer visiting the scrape sniff the licking branch because that’s where the preorbital gland scent is deposited by every deer that works the scrape.

Pee: Not a big deal. So I guess we can eliminate one item from our hunt packs, eh? (See what I did there?)

Happy hunting.

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