How to be Successful at Deer Hunting


How to be Successful at Deer Hunting

You can read endless books and magazine articles on how to deer hunt. It’s all good information for the most part. Then, you can watch some of the DVD instructional videos on all the tactics and strategies known to work to make you a successful deer hunter. There is some good information in those too.

Next, spend umpteen hours watching deer hunting TV to learn from the “experts” on how to take down the biggest bucks on your property. Those shows may have some good tips as well. Still there is really only one thing, one surefire concept that promotes making any hunter the most successful they can be.

That is plain and simple in one statement: Success is when preparation meets opportunity.

Are you really ready to hunt? Time and time again I have seen members of our own hunting camp arrive totally unprepared to hunt anything, much less go after a trophy-class buck. I’ve witnessed hunters come to camp with no ammo. One hunter showed up with no hunting pants because he let his wife pack his hunting bag. Oh, he had shirts and everything else, but hunting in khaki dress pants was not the best plan.

One year a hunter showed up with only white athletic shoes to hunt in. We excused his neophyte behavior, but the guy actually did not own a pair of hunting boots. He has them now after all the harassment he got in camp.

My own cabin mate brought his 270 Winchester Ruger M77 rifle that I helped him buy to hunt with. As he unpacked his gear I just happened to look over, noticing the two boxes of ammo he laid out on the table were 30-06. That could have been a rude awakening. Lucky for him somebody else in camp was shooting a 270.

All this to say, without proper pre-hunt preparation every other aspect of the hunt can begin to break down. To cure those mistakes, sit down and make a thorough list of everything you need to have for the hunt and everything you need to do to get ready for the hunt.

This includes the whole gambit. From guns to ammo, knives, flashlights, clothing, boots, optics, safety gear, to food, medicines, and everything else you will need for the hunt. Don’t forget scent killing spray, deer attractants, trail cameras, and batteries. Service your vehicle and ATV/UTV, charge battery, fuel up, and air tires.

If you want the most opportunities for a successful hunt, then step up your preparation and planning game.

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