Buck Hunt for Big Bass


Buck Hunt for Big Bass

Let’s not forget that while this is the prime time for deer hunting around the country, fall and early winter weeks are a good time to toss a bass bait across a farm pond or small lake. Remember you can hunt in the early morning and at the end of the day, but midday when the temps are moderate is a great time to tackle a big bass.

Many deer hunting properties especially in the south have small farm ponds and even some sizeable lakes. Quite often these waters are stocked with a variety of fish especially white perch crappie, catfish, bluegill, and of course largemouth bass. Anglers all over are fixated on bass and will even lay down their bows and guns during deer season to catch a few fish for the fryer.

After you come in from a morning deer hunt, whether successful or not, secure your deer hunting weapon and grab a selection of bass fishing poles and a tackle box, climb into your ATV or UTV, and head to one of the bass holding waters on your property or maybe a nearby public lake. Spend a couple hours relaxing and casting for bass.

During the fall and into colder days, bass tend to hide in deeper waters below the colder surface waters. Be prepared to use some diver lures to search out those deeper bass. Now, I have seen days in December to warm up into the upper 60s and 70s, so don’t neglect reeling surface lures and spinnerbaits along every available bit of cover on the pond or lake.

Surface and submerged structure and cover are still the places to work with a variety of lures. As you walk the pond or lake banks or scull around in a small johnboat or canoe, look for sunken logs, tree limbs, tree structure, stumps, and other obvious fish cover.

With waters cooler now, it may take a little more concentrated effort to land some good fish. Just casting once before moving on will likely not get the best results. These fish cover spots have to be hit multiple times, then move on, but always circle back and try those spots again.

Taking time out from the hunt for a little fishing is the best of both worlds. I mean it would be hard to turn down a platter of deep fried bass filets and some slices of roasted venison.

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