Leupold’s New Rangefinding Binocular


Leupold’s New Rangefinding Binocular

In another quantum leap by one of America’s leading sporting optical manufacturers, Oregon-based Leupold has announced their new RBX-3000 TBR/W Rangefinding Binoculars. While having rangefinder technology combined with an optical binocular is not new, the technology continues to see vast improvements. Optical device engineering is one of those fields that continues to extend the innovation threshold with new features and capabilities. These new Leupold binoculars are certainly on that cutting edge.

Leupold has mated high quality glass with rangefinding capabilities that permit the ranging of targets out to distances of 3000 yards on reflective objects. The capability on ranging soft targets or trees is in the 2600 yard range. This type of equipment is highly useful for big game hunters, varmint hunters, and long range shooters needing immediate ranging information in the field. Other glassing and ranging opportunities are virtually endless.

The RBX-3000 TBR/W has easy-to-read high-contrast data that appears on a red LED display within the dual eyepiece which is adjustable. Built into the binocular is an atmospheric sensor that will display temperature, air pressure, and humidity. The RBX takes into play the angle of the shot along with the rifle’s ballistics to provide dead-on targeting information for the user. Imagine this feature for hunting out west from across a valley.

This ranging binocular also features the Leupold Twilight Max HD, which is a light management system that allows the user to extend his or her sighting capabilities into low-light conditions such as the pre-dawn hours and well past dusk. This system works through exceptional light transmission and glare reduction. Imagine the applications for hunting, law enforcement, military, general observation, and other uses.

The RBX-3000 housing is made of aircraft grade aluminum to withstand rugged use. This unit is 100 percent waterproof, and fog proof. The lens feature Leupold’s Guard-ion coatings that sheds dirt and water. This permits clear and crisp imaging.

The RBX-3000’s exterior finish is a Shadow Gray which is a good neutral coloration for outdoors use. The RBX will be available in a 10x42mm binocular platform. The unit will ship complete with a Leupold binocular harness, binocular strap, lens cleaning pen and a lens cloth. Expect to see the Leupold RBX-3000 TBR/W binocular on dealer’s shelves by spring. More complete details can be found at www.leupold.com.

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