Girl With Brittle Bone Disease Bags First Buck


Girl With Brittle Bone Disease Bags First Buck

In today’s world in which so many in the “news” arena seem to be anti-everything, it’s nice to see a story from a female reporter who hunts — and who is reporting on a wonderful hunting experience she was able to share with a little girl: hunting with her during two hunts — one of which brought the young lady her first deer.

Any first deer is special, but this one is even moreso because Courtney White is only 9 years old but has already broken more than 40 bones! She has a rare form of Brittle Bone disease, so she can’t safely fire a rifle or shotgun. It might break her little shoulder.

But she can use a crossbow just fine, and that’s exactly what she used on this hunt.

Courtney has spent months practicing for her first season to deer hunt, something she thought she might never get to do.

She’s hunted hard this season with her family near their home in Terlton but hadn’t had any luck. Then taxidermist Jerad Langley and ranch owner George Lippe heard her story and wanted to help make her dream come true.

Courtney, her dad, her sister, and News On 6’s Tess Maune loaded into Langley’s old blue Suburban and headed toward Lippe’s ranch in Northeastern Oklahoma. On the ride there, Courtney went over the different places on a deer she’d need to aim to make an ethical shot.

She was ready.

Out on the ranch, with an unsteady walk, Courtney headed for the deer blind, with Langley scooping her up to carry her the most of the way.

A cushion and a sweatshirt helped prop up Courtney high enough to see out the blind’s opening, then the wait began.

Within 20 minutes of getting settled, Courtney spotted deer in the food plot, but [they were] out of range. That would be the case for about two hours, until a little after 5 p.m. when an 8-point buck came running straight toward the stand.

The deer stopped broadside and Courtney dialed in, patiently focused on the shoulder. She took a perfect shot and watched the buck drop about 60 yards out.

Courtney’s summation of the hunt was pretty great:

My heart is beating faster than a mouse — a mouse’s heart beats really fast. I’m just so psyched out. I can’t believe I just shot a deer. My whole life we were just thinking I’m never gonna be able to shoot anything; I’m never gonna be able to have that experience. Here I am, and he’s right here in front of me.

This kind of gives everybody a lesson, just because you think you can’t do something, you can.

Courtney’s sister Grace, age 13, also got to participate in the hunt and she also got a nice buck.

Her father expressed thanks to those who were able to give his children this great hunt.

I had begun to pray that God would open up an opportunity for her to successfully harvest a deer, because I was not providing that opportunity on my own. Just a couple days later, Tess calls and asks if the girls would be interested in a doe hunt. We were thrilled, and it just kept getting better from there. I’m so proud of both of my girls, and so thankful for all of the great people who have invested in them.

Powderhorn Taxidermy will be mounting both bucks for free and Tagged Out Processing butchered the bucks, free of charge.

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