Good Guys With Guns Are the Best Defense


Good Guys With Guns Are the Best Defense

I often wonder what goes on inside the heads of people who actually think we would be safer with fewer guns. I surmise the answer to be, “Not much.”

Even as the state of Virginia reportedly gears up to steal guns from its citizens (VA patriot Robert E Lee must be spinning in his grave) and “red flag” gun thefts are being pushed and passed by Republicans and approved by Donald Trump, we have seen a perfect proof that more guns = more safety for law-abiding citizens.

I am referring to recent events in Texas, where a murderer entered the West Freeway Church of Christ in a town called White Settlement. Seconds after the killer began shooting a shotgun loaded with 00 buckshot, he was shot in the face by a parishioner who also heads the church’s security team.

As videos show, multiple other churchgoers were armed and drew their guns as the violence erupted… but no other shots were necessary. If the threat had continued, those armed citizens were ready to defend themselves and others, even at the risk of their own lives.

Imagine for a moment what would have happened if no one other than the murderer had been armed. We would be seeing a lot more dead innocents and endless “news” discussion about guns and why they should be banned.

Reality, however, proves time and time again that armed citizens are the best line of defense against any threat to their lives, liberty, and security.

If no one in that church had been armed other than the bad guy, many more people would have died. As it is, he managed to kill two people in the six seconds before he was fatally wounded by a good guy with a gun.

Do you think calling 911 could have ever been that effective? Me neither.

Jack Wilson, a 71-year-old former reserve deputy sheriff, took out the shotgun-wielding suspect with a single shot to the head during services at the West Freeway Church of Christ in the Fort Worth suburb of White Settlement, police and witnesses said.

”I don’t see myself as a hero,’ Wilson told reporters on Monday. ‘I see myself as doing what needed to be done to take out the evil threat.’

Not only is Wilson a former law enforcement officer, he also provides firearms training to members of the church who volunteer to help with security of the sanctuary, he said. He also has his own gun range.

Wilson was standing at the rear of the church during communion when the suspect, who witnesses said was wearing a fake beard and sunglasses, stood up just before 11 a.m. and confronted a church official. A livestream of the service showed the gunman suddenly pull out a short-barreled shotgun from under a long coat and shoot two churchgoers before Wilson killed him.

Wilson said that in the chaos that broke out when the shooting started, he drew his handgun and paused to prevent shooting people standing in his line of fire.

‘There were people in front of me, between the shooter and myself,’ Wilson said. ‘I had to wait for just a second because the whole thing was less than six seconds from start to finish and I had to make sure I didn’t hit a member as they were right in front of me.’

‘I only fired one round. It was the only shot I had, which was a head shot,’ Wilson said. ‘In my classes, I teach not to take head shots, but that was the only shot I had that was a clear shot and I was comfortable with taking the shot because of my training and my practice.’

Thank you, Mr. Wilson. (Source of quote: ABC News article)

Be like Jack. Get a gun. Get some training. Practice. And make our world safer.

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