Beka Garris’ 2020 Intro


Beka Garris’ 2020 Intro

Beka Garris is the bowfishing and bowhunting gal who recently shot a whitetail doe on public land — with traditional archery gear — while carrying her baby daughter on her back. She’s something else.

She recently posted “a little intro,” which I thought was worth sharing with you.

It’s been over a year since I posted a little intro so here’s a little about me if you’re new to my page 🙂

I grew up in Northern NJ, if you know the area you’ll know it’s rural country! I grew up barefoot running public land and hunting and fishing with my siblings. My dad was the one who taught me how to hunt/fish and I feel lucky for it. I did two years at a community college (photography) and moved away. I still don’t know how folks can afford to live there 😬 I floated around for a few years, did some guiding, farming, archery tech, gun sales and I met my husband here in Ohio (my home). We currently have our own small farm and a few acres to hunt, but public land is right down the road (and often produces better). We have a one year old daughter Isabella who is the center of our world, and you’ll see her quite often on my hunts with me 😆 my husband works nights and sleeps days so I generally just pack Isabella along. I love to bowhunt and bowfish with traditional archery equipment but pretty much get into anything outdoors…I’m not picky 😂 I try to share stuff that others can relate to or might find interesting and thank you to those who have followed along over the years! (P.S. it’s a woodsman broadhead!)
#AboutMe #SorryForTheNovel

She posts lots of cool stuff; check out her Facebook page to like and follow her.

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