[SHOT Show 2020] Rambo Electric Bikes at SHOT Range Day


[SHOT Show 2020] Rambo Electric Bikes at SHOT Range Day

You never know what you’re going to find at the SHOT Show — and Range Day is even less predictable. So when I noticed some fat-tired bicycles and a bunch of people riding them with what appeared to be little effort, I was attracted, but not surprised.

After a quick lesson by a Rambo rep (I really enjoyed typing that, “Rambo rep”), I was asked if I wanted to take it for a ride. My reply?

I think I have to!

So, I donned my backpack — no sense testing it without carrying some extra gear along — and climbed aboard.

On the left grip of the handlebar is a simple control and display, which allows you to select how much pedal assist you get. You must pedal to make the bike go, and at number 1 that assistance is noticeable while at 5 it’s a little more than you might want, unless you’re on smooth pavement.

Next to the right grip is a spring-loaded thumb-operated lever that acts as a throttle. Tired of pedaling? I got tired of it soon enough. I’m not a bicyclist, so it became easier to just use the throttle to provide all-electric locomotion.

This was especially nice for me because the basic bicycle “saddle” is not comfortable for my bony butt, so I could stand up off the seat and use the throttle to drive myself back to the Range.

The brakes work great — as I discovered when I zoomed a bit too fast and blew my hat off!

You guys know I’m always honest with ya. I’m not a biker and I’m a half-century old, but I almost love this Rambo. Want to go hunting way back in the crud without making a lot of noise? This really looks like a great way to do that. They even have trailers available, so you can drag your climbing stand or saddle hunting gear along with you.

As near as I can tell, the one I tried is a Bushwacker 750 XPC Camo, and while I like the product, I do balk at the $3,999 MSRP. If you can afford it, I think this is a quality product that will take you many places you didn’t think you could be taken in such style & stealth.

Trailers allow you to bring more gear along. (Photo © Russ Chastain)
Trailers allow you to bring more gear along.
(Photo © Russ Chastain)

If this interests you even a little bit, check them out — including their accessories, which include upgraded seats (a must-have IMO), racks, saddlebags, trailers, and a whole lot more.


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