KelTec’s P17 Rimfire Pistol


KelTec’s P17 Rimfire Pistol

Worldwide plinkers will unite with joy when they get a new KelTec P17 in their hands. KelTec has always been innovative, as anybody can tell when reviewing their catalog of offerings. From bullpup rifles to the unique Sub-2000 folding self-defense and survival carbine to any number of handguns with handy features and reasonable prices.

As promoted by KelTec, the P17 is simple, affordable, and reliable. It is a black pistol, which is highly characteristic of many KelTec firearms. It is chambered for the 22 Long Rifle rimfire round. Its magazines hold 16 rounds making the pistol capable of 17 total. That alone puts a big smile on most shooters’ faces. The P17 comes with three magazines, which is also a nice surprise.

Specifications for the P17 includes an empty weight of 8 ounces (14 ounces when fully charged). The barrel is 3.8 inches long and the gun’s length is 6.7 inches, so it is handy and lightweight. Its height is 5.3 inches, very compact indeed. The trigger is factory set at 3 pounds so it should certainly be a dandy plinking handgun.

The frame is a black polymer engineered over steel guts. Features include ambidextrous safety levers and magazines release paddles that mold into the contour of the side frame and easily reached by the trigger finger. There are rail slots under the barrel and slide for adding a light or laser. The sights are fiber optic types easily lined up for firing. Very unique for a compact pistol of this type the barrel is standard threaded for a suppressor.

The grip “panels” have a unique placement of textured squares to provide a solid gripping surface. There will be no hand slipping around on this grip. The P17 is also optics-compatible with a mount on the rear of the slide. Details on that feature are not complete.

The P17 should prove to be a recreational shooter’s delight. Though not on dealer’s shelves yet, it reportedly began shipping last December. KelTec has rarely been known to follow any kind of factory shipping schedule, but it should be out soon.

I waited more than two years past their announced shipping date for the 223 version of their bullpup rifle. It was worth the wait as I expect with the P17. Oh, and for all that the P17’s MSRP is $199. See at

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