[SHOT Show 2020] CCI Expands ‘Clean-22’ Coated Bullet Ammo Line


[SHOT Show 2020] CCI Expands ‘Clean-22’ Coated Bullet Ammo Line

CCI has a nifty line of 22 LR rimfire ammunition, introduced last year, called Clean-22. It’s an entirely new approach to 22 LR ammunition, which has traditionally required the bullet to be lubricated in some way which usually causes quite a bit of fouling. This means more time cleaning your gun and less time happily shooting it, which is un-good.

Clean-22 replaces the slightly-sticky lube or thin metal plating normally used on a 22 LR bullet with a colored polymer coating. Here’s what CCI says about it:

Clean-22 uses an exclusive polymer bullet coating to greatly reduce copper and lead fouling in the barrel—without leaving a residue. It also cuts lead buildup in suppressors by up to 60 percent—depending on outside variables. Bullets in this product line are manufactured using bullet-shape geometry that’s been ballistically optimized for accuracy and function. And with dependable CCI priming and consistent propellant, Clean-22 provides flawless cycling through all rimfire platforms including semi-automatics.

Sub-Sonic, High Velocity, and Pink

These are the three original Clean-22 options: Sub-Sonic, High Velocity, and Pink.

CCI Clean-22 Pink
CCI Clean-22 Pink
  • All loads feature a 40-grain coated round nose lead bullet
  • Bullet coating color indicates load
  • Red = High Velocity (MV 1,235 fps)
  • Blue = Sub-Sonic (MV 1,070 fps)
  • Pink = Pink to fight breast cancer (MV 1,235 fps) (Portion of proceeds goes directly to the effort to find a cure.)

Clean-22 Suppressor

New for 2020 is the “Clean-22 Suppressor 22 LR” load. They say the coated bullet can “reduce lead fouling inside a suppressor by up to 60 percent!” Wow.

CCI Clean-22 Suppressor
CCI Clean-22 Suppressor
  • Black polymer coating reduces lead fouling in suppressors up to 60 percent
  • Ballistically optimized 45-grain lead round nose bullet
  • Reliable function in semi-automatic firearms
  • Extremely reliable CCI priming
  • MV 1,000 fps
  • 200-count “pour pack” (like a small milk carton)
  • MSRP $28.99

Clean-22 Maxi-Mag SHP

This is CCI’s expansion of Clean-22 into the much more powerful 22 WMR, a.k.a. 22 magnum. Not only is the bullet coated with polymer, it’s segmented to cause massive damage upon impact.

New Clean-22 Maxi-Mag SHP is the industry’s only segmenting hollow-point bullet in 22 WMR. The load’s 46-grain Segmented Hollow Point splits into three equal-size pieces on impact, tripling the number of wound channels. The polymer bullet coating allows this separation at much lower velocities and longer distances than a conventional copper jacket. This load features an olive drab green bullet and is available in 50-count boxes.

CCI Clean-22 Maxi-Mag SHP
CCI Clean-22 Maxi-Mag SHP

This should be good for small game work at close range with a 22 mag. After I started toting a 22 magnum rifle for hunting squirrels and raccoon, I found expansion at close range to be problematic at times. This is usually not a problem with squirrels, because with head shots most any bullet will do. On medium-size game, however, a lack of expansion can often mean simply punching holes in your game rather than getting a clean kill.

It’s rated at 1875 fps MV, and a 50-round box will retail for $17.99.

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