instahunt Launches to Help Hunters Stuck at Home


instahunt Launches to Help Hunters Stuck at Home

Well, it has not taken long for an enterprising new start up to take advantage of the current situation. With the majority of Americans under some form of shelter in place order’s from their State Governor, a new start up has decided that hunters need an outlet to pursue their passion for the hunt.

A newly launched startup called instahunt has an interesting take on hunting during the time of the Corona Virus. Here is more from their press release:

We at instahunt understand the impact that the current situation is having on the well being of our hunting community. With so many of our fellow hunters stuck at home, restricted from travel, and otherwise unable to go into the woods for an escape, we knew we had to act.

Today we are excited to announce the launch of instahunt. Our company was born out of necessity and looks to bring relief to hunters who are stuck at home during this time. instahunt is a new, on demand, hunting service that will bring small game to your back yard to hunt.

We know that hunting in your backyard can never replace a day spent in nature, but we do think that being able to continue with these time honored traditions will bring comfort to those who are locked indoors with screaming kids or a never ending list of chores

More details on how exactly how instahunt plans to allow you to hunt based on local laws are yet to be seen, but we were able to get a price breakdown and also more details on how this will work.

For those interested in using instahunt, you can sign up now to be a trial user of our service. Once live, our team will come to your house and set up fencing in your backyard or a designated area of your property 1-2 days before your “hunt”. After set up, we will leave your home and come back within 72 hours, at an undisclosed time, and release your selected game in to your hunting grounds.

We feel that the anticipation of not knowing when the game will be released will provide a level of excitement to your backyard hunt.

And the pricing:

At launch, we have decided to start with small game which we will be sourcing from local farmers, although we are exploring larger game for fall such as whitetail deer. App users will be able to select from a small list to start as well as the desired week in which they wish to hunt. We are excited to be able to bring the following options to our launch users:

  • Rabbit – $199
  • Ground Hog – $199
  • Woodchuck – $250
  • Pheasant – $350
  • Snapping Turtle – $99

Instahunt 2


So, there you have it.

If you made it this far in to the post you should also know that thankfully, this is not real.

Happy April 1st!


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