Smith & Wesson Takes Action to Support Local Hospitals, First Responders


Smith & Wesson Takes Action to Support Local Hospitals, First Responders

While this coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic affecting the entire country and world we are experiencing is one of the most disheartening social events most of us have experienced in our lifetimes there is still a lot of good occurring in the world. Smith & Wesson is a prime example of that. We are all very resilient and when we get pushed can show an indomitable spirit in the face of adversity. Smith & Wesson has looked to re-tool their factories to help some of our most essential front-line workers. They are making personal protective equipment (PPE) for first responders, hospital workers, and law enforcement. Smith & Wesson shared this Press Release recently to explain how their company is managing during the crisis and how they are helping out first responders as much as they can.

SPRINGFIELD, Mass., (April 28, 2020) – Smith & Wesson Inc. today reported that it has taken a variety of measures to support its employees and local communities during the outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.  Leveraging its manufacturing capabilities and specialized equipment, Smith & Wesson has re-purposed a portion of its manufacturing capabilities to help alleviate a nationwide shortage of personal protection equipment (PPE) and help keep front line personnel safe.

Mark Smith, co-President and co-CEO of parent company American Outdoor Brands, said, “As a manufacturer, Smith & Wesson has talented engineers, specialized equipment, and production capability that we’ve been able to repurpose to help the local community during the coronavirus outbreak.  Contributing to our local communities has always been important to Smith & Wesson, and we’ll continue to help wherever and however we can.”

Within a few days of the outbreak, the engineering team at Smith & Wesson had designed a process to produce face shields utilizing 3D printers and readily available materials and commenced building. Within two weeks, the company’s plastic injection molding facility had designed, manufactured, and tested molds allowing for large-scale production, and the company is now producing 1,000 face shields per day for use by employees, the medical community, and first responders. To date, the company has donated over 7,000 face shields and 12,000 pairs of eye protection to support front line personnel across the nation. 

As a provider of firearms, restraints, parts, training, and other services to law enforcement agencies, Smith & Wesson has been considered an essential business and has continued to operate while working diligently to keep its employees safe. The company has staggered its shifts to reduce crowding, enhanced its cleaning protocols and equipment, implemented strict social distancing policies, supplied face masks to all employees, and has implemented no-touch infrared temperature scanning at all locations.  The company’s office staff continues to work remotely offsite.

“Employee safety is our top priority.  At the onset of this outbreak, we felt it was extremely important that we do everything possible to not only keep our employees safe, but to thank our staff for working diligently during this time,” said Smith.  “We immediately implemented a 20% pay increase for any employee whose job duties require them to be onsite, and have modified our paid time off and insurance policies to allow flexibility for any of our employees who may need to be away from their job during these challenging times.”

The Smith & Wesson leadership team continues to monitor CDC guidelines for cleaning and sanitation to ensure that the company is not only meeting these guidelines, but exceeding them to maintain a safe workplace.

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