Take it Outside! 5 Ways to Beat the COVID Blues


Take it Outside! 5 Ways to Beat the COVID Blues

Feeling a bit blue with all that’s going on in today’s world? And now with all the COVID-19 restrictions in many states that result in closing parks and outdoor recreation areas, what is one to do? Most reading this are avid outdoorsmen and know that getting out of the house can do wonders for one’s sense of well-being. Keeping in mind that using social distancing is a good idea and that some areas are closed, what are a few good options for mental health during the coronavirus outbreak?

Just Walk

Even with many restrictions on leaving the house, in most places you can still exercise, so get out and take a good walk or better yet a backcountry hike if trails are open in your area. Strenuous walking for 30 minutes every day is often listed as one of the best forms of exercise.


Here again biking would certainly fall under the exercise category. If you have a bicycle that is conducive to getting on some cross-country trails all the better and all the more exercise you will get out of it. Getting those endorphins firing will be great for not just physical health but your mental health as well.

Great view from a biking trail

Cook Outdoors

Who doesn’t like to partake in good food cooked over a camp fire or your back-yard grill? It gets you outside and provides a good change up to everyday food prep in the house, a good mental break in my estimation. You might also throw a survival garden into this category, great way to be outdoors and also provide food for the table.

Go Fish

Fishing is one of the all-time favorites for outdoor enthusiasts. What better time to go wet a hook than right now during all this COVID chaos? Whether it be stream, lake, or pond just do so by honoring social distance mandates — oh and make sure you have your fishing license!

Head to the Gun Range

Just in the last week or two my local gun range reopened after being unlawfully shut down by the Governor of New Mexico. Suffice it to say we are fortunate to have plenty of other locations to bust a few caps. In any case getting to the range not only gets you outside but hopefully is providing you some good training time with your favorite carry gun or hunting rifle.

This is a very short list of good reasons and ways to get yourself outdoors. Take advantage of this time when there are lots of challenges in the world and get back to nature, or at least outside. I am certain it will do wonders for your everyday outlook on life.

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