How Bulletproof is a Mattress?


How Bulletproof is a Mattress?

In this new video, Paul Harrell talks about taking cover in your home in the event of a home invasion in which you must protect yourself from gunfire (hopefully while returning it). It opens with a king size mattress standing up between him and a soda jug.

“Here’s a mattress, and behind it is you.”

At the 1:11 mark, we watch as the mattress predictably proves to be 100% NOT bulletproof to his dinky 25 ACP pistol with a full metal jacket (FMJ) round.

With the mattress lying down with some covers on it, he fires some 38 Special ammo from 5 yards with jacketed hollowpoint (JHP) bullets followed by some 9mm FMJs. This time the mattress was much more effective, which I found mildly surprising.

Moving on to 45 ACP Golden Saber JHP, we find similar results. But what about an AR with 223 Rem 55-grain pointed FMJ ammo? Well, that kinda changes everything.

Just for variety, Paul then drags out a Taurus Judge revolver loaded with Hornady 410 “handgun” 3-inch magnum ammo loaded with 000 buckshot (5 pellets per shell), which fails to send even one of the 25 total pellets through the mattress.

So, is a mattress good cover? Not really, but it’s certainly a lot better than nothing.

Enjoy the video.

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